All About Barcode

Founded in 2021 by Armin Kheyrdan, Barcode is not just a brand; it’s a symphony of style and sophistication. The CEO is known as a musician, infuses his artistic spirit into every thread of our brand. Based in the vibrant city of Tehran, Barcode specializes in crafting high-end men’s socks that redefine fashion standards. Our commitment to quality and a unique design aesthetic sets us apart. Each pair of Barcode socks carries a touch of vintage charm, a dash of rustic elegance, and the artistic essence of a musician’s soul. Barcode’s journey has been fueled by the collective passion of our team, and we believe in exclusivity. Our socks belong to those who appreciate stunning dress-up and value quality above all else. While our products may come with a price, they carry the mark of decades of sock manufacturing experience, combined with a deep understanding of art and fashion. When you choose Barcode, you’re not just buying socks; you’re investing in the best quality socks. You’ll seamlessly transform into a pioneer of innovative stylings, embodying the essence of art, fashion, and timeless elegance. Welcome to Barcode – Where Every Step is a Symphony.”

The Act of BARCODE

Barcode’s mission is to deliver the quality that is lost in time, the quality that brings back childhood memories. Barcode’s pact, is to deliver the ultimate quality, and to never change the quality for quantity. Ultimately, Barcode is the high quality music you hear on a vinyl record to convey the feelings to its fullest, not the synthetic shallow layers that is abundant these days.

The Idea of BARCODE

In this new age, there is a new meaning to life. The golden era, the special quality, all have a different meaning. Quality is the first thing that crosses our mind when we think of an american car made in the 70s or a vinyl record. But nowadays, quality has been replaced by quantity or mass production. There is a limit on how many songs you can have on a vinyl record but you can stream music endlessly, regardless of quality.